Saturday, May 17, 2014


Today a soap dish and/or soap dispenser.  We got one of these hands free soap dispensers a couple of years ago, we liked it so much we got one for the kitchen and for the guest bathroom… we have instant soap without the mess of a bar.
We went out and about on the Trike today, went to the toy store for models to draw, an owl, a tiger, a dinosaur and a couple of awesome looking dragons… watch for them in June :-)  Burned my leg on the hot pipes on the bike, first time I've ever done that, hurt like the devil… I'm thinking I'll be way more careful from now on.
Will 2014 be the year we have a 'Triple Crown' winner… I hope so.


  1. Look forward to the 'monster' drawings. Hope the burns have stopped stinging

  2. Thanks Polly, it doesn't sting anymore, but it is a mark the size of an egg… I know better than to touch those pipes, so I feel the fool mostly.