Tuesday, July 24, 2012


I ordered a tube of Ivory black today, the color Tony swears by... I have a tube of Viridian somewhere, but couldn't find it this afternoon.  The whole week during the workshop he never used the tube green at all.  He mixed his green using the Yellow orange or Quin Gold and either blue/green, black...  He consistently used his 'blue with green' name instead of the manufacturer's name (Thalo Blue or Prussian blue)... he did give us a chart of color names for his basics.
Yellow with Green - Winsor Lemon, Cad Yell Lt,  Aureolin, or Hansa Yellow
Yellow with orange - New Gamboge, Hansa Deep
Brown with Yellow - Yellow Ochre, Raw Sienna or Quin Gold
Brown with Red - Burnt Sienna or Quin Burnt Orange
Red with Orange -  Scarlett Lake, Vermillion, or Cad Red Med.
Red with purple - Quin. Red, Alizarin Crimson, Carmine
Blue with purple - Indanthrone Blue or French Ultramarine Blue
Blue with Green - Thalo Blue, Prussian Blue, Antwerp Blue
Green with blue Viridian, or Thalo Green

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