Monday, July 16, 2012


Day 1 of the Tony Couch seminar, Tony spent the whole day, teaching us about the Principals of design, elements of design, color theory and value patterns... my head is spinning... but FINALLY some of this is making sense to me OMG He did a great demo painting today... and promises we'll get to paint tomorrow afternoon. He had DVD's for sale today and I got them so in case I forget all this I can watch it again.  He is a really dynamic teacher, and a fun person... used to be a cartoonist so he's got a sense of humor.
Carol's spare room is loaded with stuffed animals, and one huge Gund bear... he was such a nice model for one tired lady.  Took this picture with my iPad and emailed it to myself... I have my camera but forgot to bring cables, so I can't load photos onto my computer... so the iPad will have to do for now.

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