Friday, July 20, 2012


Sketched another of Carol's stuffed animals... she had a peek at my sketchbook tonight and saw her teddy bear and liked his portrait :-) We went to Hobby Lobby and I got a few art supplies, then to a place called Tuesday Morning where I snagged a bind-it-all REALLY cheap, less than $30. along with extra wires... so I'll be making a few sketchbooks for myself very soon. I had been looking at these for a while but couldn't bring myself to place the order on their website... we were wandering thru this 'junk store' and the zutter label on the wires jumped out at me, then I noticed under the table... one bind-it-all starter kit... could not believe the price.
I'm picking up the grandson in the morning, and headed back to Charleston... where I'll pore over my notes... and watch the DVD's I bought... and maybe, I'll start to process all that I learned this week.
This is the value sketch Tony used to do his demo painting today... he has a large sketch book with sketches done with markers and/or pencil from those large sketches, he does a value sketch... and then paints from his value sketch. He does not do sketches in color at all, and does not paint on location... he prefers to decide on colors after the fact and relies more on VALUE rather than hue... he often said, paint it any color that people normally expect to see and it will be fine, no need to exactly match... the value pattern is more important than the color.
This is the painting Tony did this morning, picture taken with my iPad, which doesn't take that great a picture, in part due to my inability to hold it absolutely still. I'll be home tomorrow and hopefully some of the shots I took with my camera will be better.

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  1. Great drawing - love your black and light contrast. Adorable.