Friday, July 6, 2012


I modified my Schmincke paint box, I removed the tray that was supposed to hold the 12 half pans, I also removed the extra flap, with all the dimples in it, it's usefulness as a mixing area wasn't that great. It was however needed for a tight closing lid... I solved that with a pony tail hair band. I added 4 full size pans, and added Daniel Smith's New Gamboge and Cobalt Teal, Holbein's Marine Blue and Schmincke Translucent Orange. This sketchbook is almost full, only a couple of pages left. I have a new Birn's & Stillman Epsilon Series Sketchbook to try. It has 100 lbs paper, so a bit heavier than this hand book's 90 lbs. I think the paper is whiter than the handbook paper.. I'm looking for a new sketchbook, I think the paper quality in the hand books has been going down hill since I first started using them. They are still hands down the cheapest still, even though they've gone up several dollars.

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