Thursday, July 5, 2012


I bought this HUGE watermelon, from a farmer selling out of the back of his truck. You get the BEST, sweetest melons that way. Problem is it is too big for even our biggest cooler, and no WAY it'll fit in the refrigerator... so.. I've GOTTA eat it. Good thing I LOVE watermelon. 
The heat wave continues, the only flowers I have that seem to like the heat are the Hibiscus, my impatiens have curled up and died, my roses have stopped producing buds, and even the lantana is too distressed to flower. This is the worst it's been in the 15 years I've lived in this house.


  1. it's hard to imagine that sort of heat and dry when it's torrential rain day after day here. We're all complaining about the constant rain here but I actually think I'd prefer it to stifling heat day after day - shame we can't swap a bit of our rain for a bit of your sunshine eh? Take care x

  2. Oh yes... we'd gladly take some of your rain... everything is so dry, I was afraid the fire works would start fires.

  3. Fun subject to paint! I like how you kept the brown spot - makes it more real. Love the quote. How, I wonder, do they keep those big heavy fruits floating up there above the clouds. Stay cool!