Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Double duty page, make up Rural sketchers breakfast drawing, a coffee cup, with minimal lines (my PPBP challenge for this week fewer lines). I normally do make New Year's resolutions, for some reason this year I did not make any.... and as luck would have it day 2 of every day in May was to draw something to do with your New Year's resolution... so I drew a box, flooded it with two of my favorite colors, Schminke Translucent Orange and Daniel Smith's New Gamboge... when that dried, I looked up on the internet the Japanese symbol for nothing... practiced it a couple of times and then added to the page, I apologize if I mangled this and serious students of Japanese writing I hope will understand and forgive.
Loaded up the Jeep with our collection of cardboard boxes, and took them to the library where they have huge recycle containers for cardboard. That was my good deed for the day, time for a glass of wine as the sun has gone down and night is here. Life is good.

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