Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 4 - Imaginary Trip to Greece

For really quick sketches, I am learning to use my brush pens.  I did this sketch twice, the layout sketch I had a glass of wine instead of the olive oil bottle, but couldn't get the stem to look right... so I went with the bottle instead.  I used a Kuratake brush pen that has ink that bleeds when water touches it...which can actually give some pretty nice effects for black/grey and white fast sketches.  I debated leaving this black and white, and then painted the bread, and couldn't stop myself adding more and more.  This page took about 20 minutes total, I can work fast when a party is afoot... only thing I enjoy more than painting is a good glass of red wine, some fine cheddar and a bit of warm bread dipped in garlic and virgin olive oil.  Let the PARTY begin. 

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  1. Laure Ferlita said...
    Very cool, Elaine! Using the heavy black outline does give this a very strong graphic feel and it would look great on a sign or a menu cover. Love the soft melding of color in the olive bottle and the soft fade in the bread. 

If I remember correctly, those pens are permanent once they dry, right? (I used to have a set. Hated them. Gave them away!) For my memory is correct, I would consider adding a cast shadow for the olive bottle and bread. The cast shadow from the wine bottle would actually fall OVER the bread rather than under it. Not sure if you want to try adding the shadow over the bread or not. For next time, I would recommend either leaving or adding some white highlights to the bottle to give it a reflective feel. Add in some hard-edged reflections on the glass would also make it more glass-like. 

Super fun job on this and my apologies for missing the sketch!
    MAY 24, 2012 3:57 PM