Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Art Supplies - Sketch kits - What's in my bag

I LOVE looking at other people's art supplies, so I took the camera outside today... and took photos of my stuff...

This is my small 5x8 journal made my handbook. I use a big binder clip to cut down on paper buckling and it can hold the book open on windy days... had to include my hibiscus... isn't it gorgeous?

Inside the pencil pouch, is my small Bijou box with 12 half pans, a few pens and a niji waterbrush.  This journal and pencil pouch are in my purse and go with me everywhere, every day.

This bag holds all my painting gear along with a large watercolor journal made by handbook.  This is the journal I'm using for this class, and the one I took to New Orleans with me recently.

The pencil pouch on this large journal holds a Cottman pallet with twelve colors along with a water brush, pen and pencil.  For a quick trip, I can just grab the book with the pencil pouch and have everything I need to sketch.

If I carry the sketch bag out... I carry all this other stuff along.  The bag holds a lot of gear and yet is not too heavy to carry long distances.

This zipper pouch holds a couple of water brushes.  A watercolor pencil along with a pen or two.  The little yellow bottle hold enough water to refill a waterbrush 3 times.  This pouch also holds my compact plastic pallet.

This is the pallet open, it also has room for 2 travel brushes and a bit of sea sponge.  This is a new pallet for me, I've only had it about a month now.  I really like it, it holds a lot of paint, is light weight and easy to hold when you don't have somewhere to sit a pallet down to paint.  I also like that it is not nearly as heavy as a similarly configured metal pallet box.

This plastic lure box, found in the fishing section at Wal-Mart, holds more travel brushes, some full size flat brushes, a pocket knife, a bit of Mr. Clean Magic eraser, and a piece of white crayon.  Got the bright green water flask below at the liquor store.. it carries a nice amount of water and yet doesn't take up a lot of room or weigh too much.  I use a terry cloth wash cloth instead of paper towels... avoids having to deal with trash and I think it works better to clean waterbrushes. 

Here's the flask and a small round container for my painting water.  This container is water tight so that if I can't dump out the dirty water in my location (like a restaurant or bar) I can pop the lid on and take my dirty water with me.

One final pencil case, holds more pens, scissors, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, and ink refill cartridges.....

It all fits in the bag... ready for adventure.


  1. I love your set up. So organized. Can you tell me where you found the pencil case that attaches to the small sketchbook? Thanks!

  2. Oh Paige I can tell you but I'm afraid it won't help you. I got it at Wal-Mart in 2011 during the School supply sales in August.. I looked for them this past August but they did not have them again. My only suggestion would be to browse the stores like Wal-Mart and Target or possibly even the dollar stores during school supply season... I find some very cool pencil cases that way.