Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 5 - Thessaloniki Greece

This page is the least realistic, of what would happen to me on a trip, imaginary or otherwise that I can imagine.  Considering that for at least the last 5 years I've NEVER been anywhere without at least 12 watercolors, a water brush and sketchbook in my purse.  I RARELY use bleeding ink pens, I own them and I use them sometimes, but one of them being the only pen I have isn't likely, and if I have one color, I'd have 12.  The other thing that I did on this that I rarely do... I drew it 3 times, first with a black bleeding pen, using Quin. Gold for the color... horrid, then using a TomBow Sepia pen with Paynes Gray as my color, that turned out.. ok... so I did it again in the sketchbook I'm using for this 'trip'... the 'test' image actually turned out better, quite possibly because by the third drawing... I'm pretty bored with this, in spite of really, really loving the photo.  No WAY I'd draw something 3 times on a trip... so I've whined about this one enough don't you think?  It only takes up half the page, I may draw something above it, but right now I'm resisting the urge to tear it out of the sketchbook. 

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  1. Laure Ferlita said...
    Oh, Elaine! Hugs to you for posting this when it's obvious you really, really don't like it—why, I don't know, but sometimes we just don't like what we've done! I, on the other hand, love it! LOVE the oranges and the blues playing against each other and the sky ROCKS! Great job on simplifying the city and still retaining the cityscape feel to it. 

Tear it out? Hmmm, that's up to the artist entirely. I'm not sure why you would as it's not a failure other than it's not your preferred style or the way you normally work. Did you learn something? About the pens, the colors, etc.? If so, then it's work hanging onto. I also suspect if you looked back at this in six months, you'd see it differently. Like it? Maybe not, but you'll see things you didn't see before that you will like. One of my biggest regrets was throwing away an old "junk journal" not too long ago. It marked changes in my work that I can't show as clearly. 

Outstanding job on this!
    JUNE 1, 2012 10:52 AM