Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Boy Hurricane Issac dumped a lot of rain on Charleston today, rained so hard my satellite tv was out for about an hours this afternoon, and that rarely happens. The frogs in the swamp behind my house were loving it... singing as only frogs can. 
Tried a paint only (not pre drawing) entry today and I think it captures the soppy rainy wet day we had today. Keep the people of Lousiana in your prayers because the hurricane goes ashore in New Orleans tonight.


  1. A familiar sight - we've certainly had plenty of rain over here this summer - but of course the weather is due to change for the better next week when the schools reopen ! Am praying the hurricane doesn't cause too much damage and everyone stays safe xx

  2. Issac is bringing a lot of water, thankfully not much wind. Due to make landfall tonight.