Sunday, August 26, 2012


I just love going thru the back to school supplies, they have some of the coolest things for kids these days. I could not resist this lion pencil case, also available in donkey, sheep and dog. I also got a $5 desk lamp, but it's too bright and blinds me, I may use it to get better shadows on things. 
Ron and I worked in the yard this afternoon... so taking it easy tonight.


  1. Back to school stuff makes me drool. It makes my kids groan, but it makes me goofy-excited :)

    Enjoyed browsing your recent sketches and watercolors!

  2. Drool here, and I buy way more of it than someone with no kids should. We do a 'pack' the bus thing here where we buy a back pack and fill it with school supplies... they give them out to kids who come to school without any supplies... I have more fun shopping to fill that bag and the total bill makes you understand how hard it is for people struggling to provide even the basics for their kids.