Sunday, August 12, 2012


Mitt Romney chose the Congressman from Wisconsin to be his Vice Presidential running mate. A wise choice... time will tell. I've been a fan of Ryan and his budget plan for several years now. The media always portrays him as killing Medicare, while in fact his plan will SAVE Medicare from going broke. 
Ron and I spent most of the day working in the yard, until the rain drove us in for a break.


  1. Hello Elaine, it rained here for a while too but then the sun came out and it's been lovely and warm since - just come back from a nice walk up our local hills with the dog! Hope you're keeping well x

  2. I saw some photos of your Art Journal pages on Flickr and followed them here. I suspect that perhaps we have similar politcal views. I am a fan of Ryan's as well and have been a TEA Party member since the beginning of the movement.

    I enjoy seeing your political pages and feel as if I am reading my own thoughts. Hang in there, November is coming and we may right this ship yet.

    Carol B

  3. Thanks Sharon and Carol... Yes Carol I'm a Tea Party gal, went to my first rally on 4/15/2009 and then went to DC for the 9/12/2009 March... what an experience that was... The Chick-fil-A response gives me hope that the silent majority will not be silent come November.