Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Found this picture of a Flamingo, and it was labeled as an Orange Flamingo, most people think of flamingos as pink, I think I read somewhere that their color is affected by their diet.  Wonder what color I'd be if my diet effected what color I was?  That's something to think about...


  1. I just read yesterday about a woman that ate carrots to lose weight and turned orange. Now THAT is a lot of carrots.
    I do think it is shrimp that turns our flamingos and roseate spoonbills pink. Yours is very cute.

  2. That's very interesting about the carrots.. my Dad used to tell me if I'd eat lots of carrots I'd be able to see in the dark, just about ruined my eyes as a kid reading in the dark LOL

  3. I turned orange once from drinking lots of carrot juice - years ago in my 'hippy' phase about being natural

    Never could figure out why we drank the juice instead of just eating carrots - the crunch is so lovely

    Love your blog, Elaine. The small sketches give me smiles and encouragement to get back to painting again. I found you in one of Laure Ferlita's travel workshops recently. I think it was Greece

  4. Janice thanks for dropping by... boy you have a LOT of blogs... and some great artwork on them... so I'll should on you... you should get back to drawing... you're good at it.... and you should pick a blog and stick with it... too many spices spoils the soup you know.
    Yes I went to Greece with Laure Ferlita this past Summer, great trip I really enjoyed it.