Monday, August 13, 2012


I love the movie UP... and Kevin was such a cool colorful bird. Meetings tonight so not much time to draw... the restaurant we usually meet and eat at closed... so we missed out on the fellowship before the meeting. Very sad the place closed, sign of the times I suppose.


  1. YOU ARE AMAZING! i was searching in google watercolor paints, and then i found this blog! i love it!! im 16 and i live in Costa Rica, and i am kinda learning how to use the watercolor pencils my uncle gave me, you just made me want to experiment more with them! thank you!

  2. Hi Marce,
    So glad you found my blog, boy do I wish I'd started painting at 16 instead of 56... My grand daughter Ashton is the same age as you and she is also interested in art. Do keep drawing and painting, it is so much fun and a hobby you can enjoy your entire life.
    Over on the right side of my blog, are other artist blogs that you may want to visit too... lots of good stuff on the internet to help you learn. Enjoy yourself.. as one teacher told me, it's just paint and paper :-)