Monday, June 29, 2015


Got another email… detailing the walking distances for the workshops… time for me to seriously lighten my load of stuff… no way I can carry a bunch of stuff all over Chicago.  I don't walk very well, I have M/S so I'm proud I'm not in a wheelchair but walking 4 blocks… well that is a challenge for me.

#ICAD29 I found this 6 pen set of Pitt pens that I'd forgotten I had, they spent several years in a drawer… but are working fine now… I'm thinking of adding them to my pack for Chicago.


  1. It's hard to travel light when you are an artist (I just might need this or that). Go girl you can do it, make the four blocks and take less too.

    1. You've got that right Polly… I need to be realistic about what I'll really use and what I'm willing to carry.