Saturday, June 6, 2015


We bought a new refrigerator and tried to get it in the house ourselves… we just couldn't do it so called in a couple of people to help and finally at 11pm tonight, it is plugged in and cooling down. Today in 1944 my father was on the beaches in Normandy for "D" day… thanks to him and thousands like him, we are free and not under totalitarian rule.

#ICAD2015 I found these cool gridded cards at the office supply store, so I used my Gelli roll pens to color in some squares.  It's been a hectic Saturday for us, so this was all I was able to do today art wise.


  1. Gotta have those grandchildren artworks on the fridge. Blessings to your father.

  2. Thanks Carl, grandkids all grown up now, but one is going to an Urban sketching workshop with me next month… so one young sketcher in the family :-)