Saturday, June 20, 2015


Gracie is wearing the cone of shame, she has licked her poor feet raw, so to give them a break and time to heal… she's in the cone for now.  She's not happy with me, as I'm the one that put her in the cone.

#ICAD20 Color wheels.  I used my colored pencils to make these 2 color wheels, the one on the left the secondary colors (green, orange, purple) were made by blending the primary colors.  The color wheel on the right, I used the pencils of the secondary colors and didn't blend anything.  Interesting how close they are to each other.


  1. Cruel to be kind, but poor thing, she doesn't understand that. Interesting exercise with the pencils, and yes they do look very similar.

    1. It isn't Gracie's first cone experience, she actually gets around quite well with it, but she is not happy about it. I do love making color wheels.