Saturday, June 13, 2015


My little fishing tackle box palette, is definitely going in the bag to make the trip to Chicago.  It is a double sided box, on one side I loaded paint, on the other side I have 5 travel brushes, a sponge and 3 towels that activate when wet.  I have a bigger hockey puck sized towel that is also in my bag.  I usually carry a few terry towels, I like using them instead of paper towels, no trash that way.

#ICAD13 Just fooling around with my Gelli roll pens, and silly faces, birds and dogs.  The pink fellow didn't show up so I tried to adjust the color with photoshop so the card is actually white not grey.


  1. Love the diagram of your equipment. May I say that you have used your initiative well setting up the little box. Happy travels

    1. Thanks Polly, I love shopping in the fishing tackle area, they have all sizes of plastic boxes and containers and they are usually way cheaper than similar boxes in the art supply or beading area. The trip is a month away, but I'm getting excited about it can you tell?