Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Palette

Here's a peek at my new palette with the tubes of paint in the wells where they will go.  I used my brother label maker to label the colors... this is NOT the biggest palette these folks make.  Added bonus that you can't tell by these pictures, this palette is atop a lazy susan so it spins around making it way easy to find the color you want.

 Here's a close up of the paint and labels, the wells are large enough for a 1 1/2" flat brush, and you can order extra mixing trays for the center, in case you want to work on more than one painting at a time without throwing away your mixes.

 This is a shot of the fully loaded palette...  and below my color chart...
Oh it comes with a cover too, to keep your paints fresh.  Gotta have one...  you can order one here  Oh and mine arrived zippy quick,  now to paint :-)


  1. Now half of me wishes I hadn't seen this post and the other half... well I want one, no more to say!!

  2. Oh I was the same way Judith, when I saw it, I kept telling myself... 'you do NOT need another palette'... but this one is SO unique and well I just had to have it. I got the small one, but if you visit their site, you'll see they make one that holds 85 colors... WOW.

  3. I know I've seen it!! I have bookmarked the link as I have only just bought a new palette which I actually love but this one does seem so different and it has a lid... I have a few large radial palettes and although they stack they don't have a lid... have sent a review with that comment to KB's. I'm just a spendthrift where art is involved!! Cannot resist!!