Friday, August 9, 2013


My Mother turned 87 yesterday, I gave her a call last night and had a nice long chat with her.  We don't talk on the phone much, in fact I think part of my dislike for talking on the phone I got from my mother... she has never really been someone who talks on the phone a lot... and I don't either.  Funny how when you are a teenager you desperately want to be different from your parents and then the older you get the more like them you become.

Ron has to work tomorrow, so I'm planning to tackle more studio organization time... bought some plastic drawers at Wal-Mart to sort and store stuff away instead of having it all piled on my table (so there's no room for a palette or paper)... I also have a new palette I'm itching to unpack of get loaded with colors.


  1. What a chore tidying up art work. Best of luck with it. You might find some masterpieces you didn't know you had!

  2. Mostly art supplies and art books and videos... and stacks of palettes and paint and brushes... my husband tells me I didn't make this mess in a day, so it will not be organized in a day either... he's right about that. LOL