Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Some silly birds... to brighten this rainy day.  Feeding time at the zoo... then off to bed for me.


  1. These birds are so sweet and colorful!
    I had to comment after reading, "feeding time at the zoo". We have that hear several times a day.

    Thanks Elaine for being such a great blog friend! Hope you have had a nice day.

  2. Zoo is smaller this year only 4 dogs and 2 parrots. Got a new scooter today...I'm so excited..it's much heavier than my. Old one may take bait of time for me to get used to it

  3. Oops! Change that 'hear' to here. Of course, come to think of it, we hear it too. :-)

  4. New scooter! Cool!!! I'll look for photos on Facebook.

    We lost one of our kitties last December. So we are down to four dogs and five cats.

    Let's face it- we both still have zoos.

    What color is your new scooter?

  5. It's the color of burgundy wine...if it stops raining tomorrow..I'll take a photo of it.