Monday, July 1, 2013


Did the back stroke all the way to Columbia and back today.  Dogs are duck hunting in the back yard... if one of the neighbors starts building a boat (aka Ark)  in the back yard... well I'm just saying Charleston in under water and no end of the rain is in sight.  

I heard out West they are having record heat, and so sorry to hear about those 19 firemen who perished today in a wild fire.  Prayers for their families and friends... so young and brave... breaks my heart.


  1. Love your duck!

    It is heartbreaking about the 19 firemen. It's so sad that such tragedies occur.

  2. Saw one of the young women with 4 little kids whose husband was killed in the fire... so very sad for her and those little kids losing their Daddy. Heartbreaking... is the only word for it.