Tuesday, July 2, 2013


When I was a child my grandmother Blackmon (my Mother's Mother) had these huge hydrangea bushes all around her house.  The bushes were taller than me and covered in blue blooms.  Three years ago I bought a small hydrangea plant that had 3 blooms on in.  I planted it under my dogwood tree, it stayed there about 2 months and was not doing well at all, it obviously needed more sun than it was getting there.  So I dug it up and moved it to a spot at the corner of our front porch where it would get the afternoon sun.  The shock of moving it made all it's leaves fall off and we were afraid we'd killed it.  We left it there over the winter and the next Spring it showed signs of life and popped out a few leaves but no blooms at all.  This year I have two big beautiful flower heads and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it will survive and thrive now.


  1. I love your wash and how the colors combine. I hardly do flowers; my efforts always disappoint. This means I must try again. The words on your drawing are correct, no doubt.

  2. Thanks Dan... I wish I did that color combine thing on purpose... impatient adding of another color before the first one is dry is what causes that... but I too sometime like it when it happens... Happy accidents I call them :-)

  3. Your happy accidents are wonderful art! I agree with Dan about your color combinations.

    I've never been successful with Hydrangea or Azaleas. I think it's because my soil isn't right.

    I'm glad your plant is beginning to thrive. I love Hydrangea's!

  4. Never had any luck with azaleas when I lived in Georgia, I think it does matter what kind of dirt you have. Obviously, reclaimed swamp land (which is what my house is built on) is PERFECT for azaleas.. and lots of other things as well LOL