Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I'm the newsletter editor for a club I'm in.  Today, I totally changed the newsletter template... it is completely different.  So far NOBODY has noticed... hum?  Maybe I shouldn't be spending so much time on these newsletters if nobody reads them.


  1. It may be like on the internet, lots of people look but don't always have the time to comment! I'm sure your time hasn't been wasted. Love the sketch btw

  2. Thanks Polly, you're probably right... my ego sometimes takes over...

  3. You made me laugh Elaine! Sometimes people don't notice the effort you put into things- but they will notice if you stop.
    Life is always a balance. I say this as I continue to rebuild my crashed computer. Currently I'm WAY OUT of balance!!
    You are editor and creator of a newsletter. A great resume builder. Assuming such things even matter to you. :-)
    Nice sketch as always!

  4. Funny Pamo... I am working I HOPE at the very last job I ever have... because when this job ends I will retire and paint full time :-) No more resumes for me.