Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The Mimosa trees in Charleston are in bloom, every time I see these trees in bloom I'm reminded of my grandmother Newman (my Dad's Mom), she had one of these trees in her yard.  She had a beautiful rose garden too.  This tree's leaves fascinated me as a child, because when you touch them they will fold together and stay that way for quite a while... then slowly re-open. I would touch a frond, watch it close up and then wait, and wait... what seemed like forever for it to open... and in a world before computer games and gadgets, I would occupy myself for a whole afternoon playing with the Mimosa tree.  Good memories of a happy time.


  1. This is a sweet souvenir.
    We must take the time to watch around us instead of having our nose buried in the keyboard. We forget the real values of life such as to admire Nature and enjoy the passing time.

    Merci de votre visite


  2. Thanks for dropping in Helene..I really enjoyed your blog and the pictures of the flowers in your garden.