Friday, February 19, 2016


I prepped this spread last night, with Distress Ink and then used Matte Gel Medium to seal it.  I know from experience that Distress Ink basically never dries and if you paint and/or draw on it, it'll run, make a mess and get all over your hands.  I usually apply Matte Gel Medium with my fingers, but with this ink on the page I used a palette knife instead, got a nice thin coat on that way.
I'm afraid I'm losing the battle on this cold or whatever it is, running a fever tonight.  Loading up on Nyquill and calling it a night soon.


  1. Colds don't typically cause a fever... Get to a doctor and get a "Z-pack"....Azithromycin to kick that opportunistic bacterial infection in the butt!!!
    Really pretty results with the gel medium... I've used my fingers also in the past and I can see my finger prints all over... Ill have to try a pallet knife!!! Thanks for posting.

    1. Went to see the Dr today, got the Z pack... hope it works as well for me as it did for my husband. Back to bed with me...