Monday, February 1, 2016


The Democrat Caucus is too close to call still, Bernie and Hillary are neck in neck.  Ted Cruz won the Republican Caucus, with Trump and Marco Rubio within 1 point of each other, with Dr Carson coming in 4th.  Mike Huckabee is dropping out, as should Bush, Santorum, Christie and Gilmore (my opinion folks that's all).  Very large record breaking turnout, with a snow storm headed their way.  Good for you people of Iowa for doing your civic duty.


  1. I think Cruz has followers in each state but not enough to carry a state in general election. I think we will see Trump start to fade.

    1. Maybe Carl, we're a divided house here my husband is a Marco Rubio fan, so far I'm leaning toward Cruz... but I could vote for Marco or Dr Carson.