Saturday, October 5, 2013


Saw this interesting lizard on our gray garbage can this afternoon... Ron seemed to think it was the same as all our little green one, and just changed to gray in color because of where he was... but our green lizards don't have a stripe down their back like this one did.  We're seeing lots of lizards and frogs this Fall, they seem to love hanging out on our motorcycles... so much so that I now check for frogs before leaving the yard on the scooter.  We're off to a town hall meeting with Congressman Mark Sanford tonight.


  1. What an interesting lizard! I also love the Socrates quote.
    Hope your meeting goes well. :-)

  2. It was an interesting meeting, lots of people of both sides of the issue. I think Congressman Sanford treated everyone with respect and listened to everyones concerns about the government shutdown.