Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Whoot whoot it's Hump Day! Sadly I didn't see that ad even once today... it is one of my favorites.  So now that I'm done with my trees, deciding what to draw is a struggle.  Today ice tea, a staple in the South.  I used to drink it loaded with sugar, but since I found out I'm diabetic, now I drink it un-sweetened.  I don't particularly like artificial sweeteners, so I've developed a taste for tea straight, a bit of lemon but otherwise, just tea and ice.  


  1. Love the quote and good job on the glass of tea. My mom was from the south and always made the best sweet tea. She looked at me like I had sprouted horns when I switched to unsweetened during a healthier eating phase I went through.

  2. My mother went thru the same thing... except since all three of her adult children have type 2 diabetes she has adapted quite well to making a pitcher of unsweet when we are at her house.