Friday, June 15, 2012


Had computer problems yesterday, sounded like a fan motor having issues... would not stop. Made appt at the apple store for after 3pm today, they said be sure your software is up to date and backup your files... YIKES all my pictures are on this computer, so I went at lunch today and bought an external hard drive to back up the whole thing at once, got it connected and fired up the apple laptop... same fan noise started screaming... but I ignored it and the back up started... about 1 hour into the backup, the noise stops. I was afraid the darn thing had finally broken, so I packed it up and took it to the apple store. Fired it up there, no noise... they did diagnostics on the fans and the CD drive... gave it a check up and said it was fine. My warranty was up, but they did not charge me for the look at it... so it's home again... and working fine now. Same thing happens to me when my car is making a noise, get it to a mechanic and it won't do it.
Another rural sketcher make up drawing... week 20 a Jewel... so I drew a ring I made a couple of years ago at William Holland Lapidary School.

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