Friday, June 1, 2012


Today was the last day with my first graders, when I see them again at the end of July they'll be second graders, and those kindergartners will be in the first grade... and I'll get a new crop of little ones. We just had fun drawing whatever they wanted today, including drawing on the white board and practicing writing their names in cursive. I'm going to miss them for the next couple of months...
Went out to dinner at Chillis tonight, I love their onions/jalapeno appetizer, and they have a sugar free Margarita too...


  1. Those kiddos are probably going to miss you, too!

  2. I didn't know you worked with kids! But it makes sense- you are patient, kind, consistent, creative... just what kids need.
    Have a great summer!
    Loved your sketch and quote too.

  3. Thanks you two... I think I have more fun doing this than the kids... I really had no idea how much I'd enjoy these kids and how much they'd like doing an art class at the end of a long week at school.