Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Color Charts

This is a chart of the colors that I've had in my new pallet for a month now... doing this color chart made me decide to change a couple of colors.  I just don't like Thalo blue, I love Opera Pink, but rarely use it, so I don't think it needs to live in my palette... and finally Holbein's Leaf green I forget who had this on their pallet and so I bought some and added it to mine, it just doesn't work for me either alone or in mixes... so it's out as well.

This is the chart for the new pallet.  I added Quin. Magenta, Prussian Blue and Holbein's Marine Blue.  I'll use this pallet for a month or so and evaluate again.  

Here's the chart that I'll carry with me (in case I forget which color is which)

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