Friday, March 10, 2017


#OneWeek100People2017 Well I finished and technically I did 100 people drawings in 5 days.  Lesson learned here, well after day 3 I was bored with this exercise/challenge.  You might have noticed I went rogue and did cartoons and stick figures the last 2 days.  I seriously doubt I'll ever do something like this again, doing the same thing over and over not my cup of tea at all.... Fini... I'm DONE!!!


  1. Elaine,

    Your work is lovely. You have a way with movement and color that is so refreshing! I found the link to your blog through the Strathmore workshops.

    -Jess Park

    1. Thanks Jess for taking the time to visit my blog, I'm really enjoying your class, and I'm practicing my letters every day, my ovals are getting better :-)

    2. That's awesome! That's why I love art- there's always more to learn and room to improve!