Thursday, January 14, 2016


I was born in Atlanta Georgia, just down the street from the drug store where Coca-cola was invented.  I was raised drinking coke with  my dinner, and coke and soda crackers if I was sick.  When I was a kid everyone called them CO Cola's nobody called them Cokes back then.  I had an aunt that was very rich, she worked for Coke for 40 years and retired with lots of Coke stock.  My grand mother used to tell the story of the man coming to the door during the depression selling Coke stock for $.25 a share.. she didn't have a quarter so she didn't buy any... she always lamented not being able to buy that stock saying she'd be a rich woman if she had.  Before moving to South Carolina I worked at Coca-Cola for 5 years, it is a GREAT place to work.  Today I drew the top of my Coke Zero can... I LOVE #Coca-Cola always have, always will.

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