Friday, January 1, 2016


Recently I was inspired by the work of artist Ros Jenke on Flickr, and found her blog inspiring as well.  She keeps a small square journal and I liked the format of her pages, so I shamelessly copied her, and plan to continue at least until this journal is finished.  
On Facebook the other day I went to a list of the worst cars to buy, and there #15 on the list was our beloved Smart Car and well as my Jeep Compass.  Well folks I disagree with whoever did up this list, we LOVE our smart car, and I LOVE my Jeep, oh our Jeep Wrangler was on the list too...  we've had more fun in that Jeep than should be allowed.  So don't believe everything you read on Facebook folks.

Rainy and chilly here today, so I did a chart of my watercolor pencils, I got some new ones, that I'd never used before and wanted to see what they looked like.  Not sure why I have so many red pencils, and most of them are so close in color as to be redundant and therefore NOT carried out and about with me.

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