Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Daisies I think of as white, while the yellow flowers with brown centers we call black eyed susan's… now are they both daisies?  or not?  Trying to find a new flute teacher, since my old teacher moved to Newberry.  I may have found someone to take on an old lady with flute dreams… LOL.

#ICAD59 Plaid means checked, so a checked red and white for card number 59… used a 1/4" flat brush and watercolor, lettering via a stencil.


  1. I have black eyed susans by front steps but blazing sun here in Greensboro has burned them up.

    1. Oh no…I have impatiens, they curl up and look horrid in the afternoon sun, but as soon as the sun gets off them they revive.

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