Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Catching up on my ICAD scans

#ICAD39 - for the games theme… just a wonky ink drawing of a chess pawn.

#ICAD40 - My pocket palette colors, top left to right Cadmium Yellow, New Gamboge, Raw Sienna, Translucent Orange, Quinacridone Magenta, Scarlet Lake, and Alizarin Crimson.  Bottom row left to right Thalo Blue, French Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Teal, Verditer Blue, Mineral Violet, Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Sap Green.
#ICAD41 - an ink drawing of my car key and other nonsense on my key chain.

#ICAD42 - Ink drawing of a snail (my computer was slow that day) and colored with colored pencils.

#ICAD43 - Ink drawing of my thumb a patient and reliable model my left hand is always ready when I can't think what to draw.  Used colored pencils to color it.

#ICAD44 - I must admit I studied this quite a lot, pride would not allow me to ask what it meant.  Background done with Colorbox inks.

#ICAD45 -  My handy little flash light drawn with a big fat sharpie, because my usual pens clog up with this Distress Ink background.


  1. I have really enjoyed your cards in the FB group! Wonderful collection!

    1. Thanks Patricia… this was my first year trying this… I'll be back :-)

  2. Your drawings are wonderfully fun. And so is your narrative. "it's human nature to want to figure things out" - love the puzzlement.

    1. Thanks Lorraine… easy puzzle, once you know what it says :-)