Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Meet Jeb, he ran away last night, I was up until wee hours this morning walking the streets with a flash light trying to find him.  He had his collar and tags with his vet's office phone number on them, and he has a chip…. so I gave up looking and hoped someone would find him and either call the vet or take him to the local shelter where his chip would be checked.  Ron and I were worried sick about him all day today, the call from the vet came around 3pm, someone only 2 streets over in my neighborhood had Jebbie… I went to fetch him home, relieved to have him safe and sound… Jeb's excellent adventure finally over.

#ICAD38 Used the suggestion for games this week and did a scrabble board.  It is one of my favorite games, my girl friend in Atlanta and I play 'Words with Friends' (a cell phone version of scrabble) we have about 4 boards going at once, I think she wins most of the games, but I still enjoy playing with her, and find the games fun.