Saturday, November 9, 2013


We skipped the hockey game tonight, because I was exhausted from walking all morning at the plant (now I know why Ron is losing weight). We spent way more time at the dealership than I thought we would.  We've had an eye on the Smart Cars for a couple of years now.  Ron went to the dealership (did you know the Mercedes makes the Smart Car?) and sat in one Friday afternoon.  So we went back and test drove it, and that little shoe is in our drive way tonight.   I may draw it tomorrow, it is very cute, and has way more interior room than you'd think.  Ron will drive it to work, and save a lot of money on gas (not to mention his knees), over the Jeep TJ.  The Stingrays won the game tonight in a shoot out, so they didn't miss us one bit :-)


  1. I like the look of smart cars and the colour schemes too. Hope you enjoy driving it

  2. Ours looks like a little yellow jacket or bumble bee, it is yellow and black. We drove it all around on our Sunday shopping errands, held all our groceries with no problem, and got 40 miles to the gallon. So we are very happy with it.