Sunday, November 3, 2013


Time change Sunday, either Spring or Fall… messes with my head and my eating and sleeping patterns get totally out of whack.  I don't know how much longer my hibiscus will continue to produce these huge orange/red flowers but I'm really enjoying this final bit of color in my yard.  The leaves are mostly gone, except for the live oaks, they stay green and only drop a few leaves now and then.


  1. I love your blog header! Is it new? It's beautiful.
    The hibiscus is beautiful too. We are descending into winter ever closer here in East TN. I wish we had warmer weather longer.

    I also love the quote you attached. You always do such a great job with finding wonderful quotes.

  2. Yes Pamo, it's a new banner, it's a page from Summer that I put up for my banner… I use the same photo for my facebook banner… multi purpose. Need to think about doing something for Thanksgiving… hum?