Saturday, September 21, 2013


My favorite Fall trees are the ones that turn yellow, then orange, then red.  Way too early in the season for any changing leaves around here, but I can dream one up and make it happen in my sketchbook.
Fell off my scooter today pulling into the driveway, seems to be my favorite place to fall down.  Lucky for us, our neighbor just got home and he and he buddy rushed over to help Ron get me out of the ditch and my scooter upright, and then Ron's Harley, which he'd laid down in the street when he saw me fall...  think I'll take a hot shower and call it a day.  Nothing hurt but my pride and a good bit of dirt on my pants, as I realized I was losing it and was able to land on my generous backside instead of my face like I did the last time I fell.  Even though it is NOT required by law in SC I always wear a helmet, and I'm very glad I had my helmet on both times I fell.

Saw this on Facebook today, unknown artist... but had to share it here.


  1. Glad you're OK!
    Wearing a helmet- I knew you were a smart lady!

  2. Common sense seems in short supply these days, legislation on wearing seat belts (which I did before it was the law), no texting and driving (I don't even talk on the phone while driving), don't drink and drive... we don't need LAWS for this stuff, or at least we wouldn't if people had a grain of common sense. Just my opinion of course LOL.