Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Well these tree should improve my success rate, did not turn out as planned in my head...painted first, ink after... in an attempt to cover up or hide some of the paint.. didn't work on many levels... but as it is actually two trees, I doubled my failure rate... onward to success with trees.


  1. I am taking my life in my hands and actually running a workshop on trees... first in December, Winter trees and the next in the Spring Summer trees, must be mad as I have never been amy good with trees but am hoping by facing my demons I will learn to finally do trees!!

    Yours are pretty good btw!!

  2. Perhaps you should join me in a tree a day challenge LOL... you'll do fine I'm sure your students will love your tree workshops.

  3. God that sounds scary Elaine!! I think I will have to do some very serious practice ... maybe I should do some for this 30 day challenge... good idea... will join you too if you would like!!