Tuesday, September 10, 2013


When I was a little girl we had a Pecan tree in our front yard, it was a great shade tree and we had all the pecans we could eat, make into pies or give away.  I wish I had a tree like that in my yard now.   Below is a picture of the World Trade Center from across the river, with the statue of Liberty in the foreground.  I don't know when this picture was made, but the last time anyone saw the towers like this was the night of September 10th 2001.  NEVER FORGET!  I won't.


  1. Thanks Barbara, the event is still an emotional one for me.

  2. A beautiful photo.
    No- we can never forget. A very emotional time and still is.

    Thank you Elaine for sharing your love of life, your art, and your self.

  3. Thanks Pamo... you are so right very emotional day.