Saturday, June 22, 2013


Went shopping today for shoes, Ron got some boots I got sandals.  We went to see the movie 'Runaway Slave' tonight... very moving documentary film.. reminded us both of 'Looking for Superman'... I'm inspired to read Fredrick Douglas' autobiography now after seeing that film.

Next lesson, draw the oldest building still standing in Charleston... the Pink house, started life in the 'red light' district as a bar/brothel... in modern times it was an art gallery... today hard times find it boarded up and for sale.


  1. Charleston is such a beautiful and magical town. What a wonderful place to draw and sketch! I am envious.

    Your new sandals drawing is simply delightful! I remember you saying you wore sandals because of neuropathy pain.
    Ron, with boots, must be preparing for riding?

    I haven't seen the movie, but will keep it in mind with your recommendation.

    Have a great day!!

  2. Yes Pamo you broke the code... Ron got some boots for riding, I have hiking boots (that I can't walk in) but should do for riding. I'm not allowed to wear flip flops at work (when I go in on Mondays).. so sandals that should be allowed and won't hurt my feet.

  3. What a lovely loose style you have of painting. I like the colors you used, it looks like such a cheerful place.

  4. Thanks Barbara... color makes me happy... and Charleston has plenty of it.