Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 1 - Trip to Greece

Finished page, even added some journaling to the page about the church. From accounts found on a Greece Travel website, comments about this church. If I live long enough to manage a trip to Greece a trip up this hill to see this church either at sun rise or sun set is on my bucket list of things I'd love to do.
To find out more about these trips, check Laure Ferlita's website here

Lesson one, set the timer for 30 minutes to draw and paint the church, stop when 30 mins up. I used a blue/grey watercolor pencil to draw the church, and then used sepia micron ink pen to ink the lines I liked the best. Took me a long time, but I was too timid to go straight in with the ink pen. Managed to paint the sky before time was up. I'm using my Hand*book watercolor journal for these sketches.

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  1. Laure Ferlita said...
    Most excellent, Elaine! Love the simplified structure details. (Hint: when we simplify the details, it's less noticeable when we get the perspective off!) I really like the use of the sepia pen to pull out some of the details though. 

A couple of comments and one suggestion...taking a look at the "soul" of the building, the windows, the two right most windows have a great mix of reds and greens and blacks while the door over on the left is much warmer with brown tones. It tends to draw more attention to itself because it is different. Does it ruin the sketch? Absolutely not, just want to raise your level of awareness. Second, perspective is a wonderful "tool" and it's good to know, but don't give it too much importance. So the tower is leaning a little, what? It adds to the charm of the page. Never underestimate what seeing the artist's hand does for a sketch. Is that a good enough reason not to learn perspective? No. Tools are necessary to make what we do more enjoyable to us. 

One suggestion...the corner over on the far right of the building is noticeable if the viewer is looking down at the bottom where the wall meets the sidewalk. If you were to darken the wall facing the viewer with a very light wash of the grey blue you've used in other parts of the building there would be a little more dimension in that area. 

Great job on this, Elaine!
    MAY 1, 2012 9:50 AM