Saturday, April 21, 2012


I love Daniel Smith paints, and I also LOVE their customer service.  Everyone makes mistakes, businesses willing to correct their mistakes and do so cheerfully and promptly... will get my business every time. 
Nice gift of 3 tubes of paint, not colors I would normally order.  The blue is a very muted blue/grey, looks darker in the scan, I think it'll be a great color for stone walls, or blue fin tuna paintings.
Got a free tube of Daniel Smith Sepentine Green, this was just seeing what the paint looks like, how it moved with the water... I think I like it.
Last 180 hours (or at least the package says so), used one today and it performed well at keeping the SC state bug the mosquito and the biting no see um's off me. At less than $1 each, I LOVE it, no oily spray to deal with is another added benefit. Keeping several in a plastic bag in my sketch kit for the Spring and Summer.

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