Thursday, April 26, 2012



Planted a few more impatiens tonight, and fired up the lawn mower and mowed the side yard. It was such a gorgeous day today and it's supposed to rain tomorrow.

Took a picture of the palette in hand... not easy... dropped the camera a couple of times trying to pull this off.
Compact palette.

I got this waterbrush because I thought is was cool the way the brush broke down and the tip stored inside... however, it LEAKS so either have to empty it after each use or deal with the leak by putting in a bag.


Another view of the pencil case, note the little yellow water container (that came with the waterbrush I don't like)... I do like this little water container, it'll work to refill my Niji waterbrushes... that don't leak :-)
Sketchkit pencil case

Jet pens had a pencil case the perfect size to hold my new compact palette. Because of the thumb hole I was wary of dropping this palette into my bag with wet paint. This little zippered case is the perfect size and even has room for pens and other stuff I need.

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