Saturday, November 14, 2015


#PrayforParis, so sorry for everyone in Paris who lost family and friends to the savage monsters last night.  How do you make a deal with grizzly bear that wan't to eat you for dinner?  You can't you have to kill the bear before he kills you.

I got the fourteen pack of Peerless transparent watercolors (from Peerless) and a 15 pack of extra colors.  So today I cut off 2 inch squares, labeled a 20 pocket notebook insert(made for coin collections) and added the squares.  I used a waterbrush to see what they'd look like.  Most of them you can't tell what the color is by looking at the paper they're on.


  1. I also have these. They are great for traveling.

    1. Any way I can lighten my load I'm all for it... these plastic holder are a bit bulky, how do you carry yours?