Wednesday, November 4, 2015


The black bear we got at the Field and Stream store now sits on top of my work monitor used him as a model today.  We went shopping today for the things we were missing for Ron's chili for the chili cooking contest this weekend.  My motorcycle safety class is this weekend too, so we have a busy weekend ahead... hope the weather clears up a little.


  1. Just read your post for today (Sunday) talking about the Harley chili cook-off. Peaked my interest.... I'm 56 now, but about five years ago one of my goals was completed, I got my sportster. I also did the (Harley) motorcycle safety class immediately. I had a lot of fun with that bike. Unfortunately I have developed fibromyalgia and have a hard enough time balancing a paint brush let alone a motorcycle 😫 But it will ALWAYS be in the blood! Everytime I hear the roll of thunder I gotta look! Fun to hear of/"meet" similar humans. Thanks for sharing everything you do.

    1. Hi Lauri, nice to meet you too. As you'll read, my class this past was cancelled and rescheduled for next weekend. I'm looking forward to finally getting to ride my new Sportster.